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Nationally Accredited Addiction Treatment
Nationally Accredited Addiction Treatment

What To Bring

Upon arrival, your luggage will be inspected by one of our care coordinators. The purpose of inspection is to ensure safety and to remove prohibited items mistakenly packed for your treatment stay.

What should I bring to treatment?

  • A list of phone numbers and addresses of those you wish to involve in your treatment (loved ones, 12-step sponsors, healthcare professionals, etc.)
  • Everyday jewelry such as a watch or wedding band can be worn. However, we encourage to leave valuable items at home, as we are not responsible for loss or theft. Anything of value will be catalogued and kept in a locked safe in the FBH business office.
  • Current prescription medication must be in original pharmacy bottles with the label intact.
  • All liquids must be in new containers with seal intact. Open medications will not be allowed due to the risk of drug contamination and tampering.
  • A list of all medicines, dosages, and history
  • Insurance cards and driver’s license or ID card
  • Stationary and postage stamps
  • Pictures of loved ones
  • Recovery-related reading material
  • Credit card for incidentals or medication payment

When packing clothing, it is a good idea to pack layers to accommodate for the weather in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas.

  • One week of casual clothing: t-shirts, jeans, comfortable pants, shorts of appropriate length, workout wear, sweatshirts
  • You may wish to pack a couple of nicer outfits for offsite outings.
  • Shoes: Tennis shoes for recreational exercise, comfortable casual footwear
  • Long and short sleeve shirts: No tank tops and no vulgar or substance-related slogans or artwork on any item of clothing.
  • Socks, undergarments, and pajamas
  • Coat or light jacket
  • Toiletries

Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

We do not allow the following:

  • Alcohol, drugs or over-the-counter medications (OTC medications must be given to staff on arrival and approved by the physician before being used)
  • Valuables (such as expensive jewelry)
  • Cameras
  • Electronics (including laptops, mp3 players, CD and DVD players, radios and electronic games)
  • Weapons of any kind

What if I don’t pack enough clothing?

You will have access to laundry machines and detergent is provided. If you require special detergent due to allergies, please let us know.